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      thezrsh 品牌简介

The zrsh 诞生于中国深圳由中国十佳时装设计师lizhen理臻领衔设计。强调设计引领品质生活,创新自然,对待美的设计理念。在日常生活中畅想都市文静,轻巧自然的美学情怀,融合了大地万物、工业、建筑、空间营造等的复古意境。地球色系的巧妙运用植入不规则的裁剪及材质融合,倾诉着当下女性全新衣着感官,潮溯结构重温,回归自然舒适。The zrsh 每一件作品都有它的一段故事,精裁细琢,结合人体工程学的考究,让每个细节都为之感叹。The zrsh 重新构建了一种自然生态之美和意识形态下的潜在状态。为每个有梦想的女孩注入了更多的自然轻巧,风趣文艺元素。

The ZRSH was created in shenzhen, China and designed by lizhen lizhen, one of The top ten fashion designers in China. Emphasize design leads quality life, innovate nature, treat beautiful design idea. In daily life, we can imagine the quiet city, light and natural aesthetic feelings, and integrate the retro artistic conception of all things, industry, architecture and space creation. The ingenious application of earth color series, including irregular cutting and material integration, speaks to the new sense of women's clothes at present. Every piece of The ZRSH has its own story, which is exquisitely cut and combined with The exquisite ergonomics, making every detail sigh. The ZRSH reconstructs a kind of natural ecological beauty and The potential state under The ideology. For every girl with a dream into more natural light, funny literary elements.